Executives on campus 

The Baruch College Executive Student Partnership (ESP) program provides mentors who offer guidance and support in assisting students to conduct effective, efficient job searches, make thoughtful career decisions, and/ or achieve the most from internships and jobs they have or will get. Mentors may also become advocates, confidants and friends. 

The level of involvement and commitment depends on the dynamics of each mentor/ mentee partnership. It starts with the basics - coaching and tutoring - and may involve addressing a mentee's personal and social skills.

How the executive-student partnership works

The partnerships, which last a year, consist of one student and one executive. Both the mentor and mentee are responsible for initiating and following up on communicating with each other at least once a month either face-to-face , in telephone conversations or by email.

The success of the relationship is up to the partners and the amount of energy  and initiative each applies. Mentors come with exceptional experience to share  with their mentees. They should lead, inspire and motivate their mentees to expand their awareness, insight and perspective. A mentor acts as a sounding board and should offer vital reality checks. If a student has no clear goals, the mentor will help the mentee review options.

Executives are selected for participation in this program on the basis of their:

  • Willingness to accept responsibility to serve as a guide and advocate; to assist, listen and seek to understand.
  • Professional and personal experience.
  • Agreement to make a time and energy commitment to a mentee.

For more information

Contact Khiara McMillin at kmcmillin91@gmail.com